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#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses- Red
#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses- Black
#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses- Blue
#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses- [variant_title]
#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses- [variant_title]

#1 Rated Bone Conduction Sunglasses

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This Bone Conduction Sunglasses use a cooling technology called bone conduction to transmit audio to your brain. Bone conduction is a way of sound conduction which transfers sound waves through Cranium, bony labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid, auditory nerve, auditory centre. We can hear the sound using bone conduction every day.



  • The wireless phone call, Wireless music touch control, Siri voice control, hands-free safe driving communication on the road
  • Polarized lenses provide a good protection and a better view of your eyes
  • Bone Conduction speaker transmits sound waves to the skull via vibrations. This lets you hear external sound when listening to music
  • Sound passed through directly to the auditory nerve bones, will not cause damage to the ear canal and eardrum. This device's sound leakage has been reduced by 60%
  • Bone conduction glasses are mechanical vibrations that convert sound into different frequencies, many steps of sound wave propagation are omitted, and it doesn't affect other people because the sound waves diffuse in the air, only the wearer can hear


  • Chip: CSR8635
  • Music Time: 8 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.0
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Red
  • Charging Input: DC 5V Max 1A
  • Transmission Distance: 10m-15m
  • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
  • Sensitivity: 86±3dB 
  • Battery: Built-in 250mAh Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery