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Curling Iron- Black
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Curling Iron

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The interchangeable ceramic hair curling iron features five interchangeable barrels for added styling versatility. With this versatile styling tool you can create high-definition curls and multiple styles. 

* Temperature can be adjusted the highest temperature up to 210 degrees. 360 degree swivel power cord (international standard line core) to prevent the winding. 

* Professional tourmaline ceramics heat technology

* (PTC) heat up and heat down fastly. 

* 5pcs interchangeable curling iron offers 5 different ceramic barrels of different shape and sizes: 9-18 mm 19 mm 19-25 mm 25 mm and 32 mm. That allows maximum versatility with your curling style for a more natural look and enjoys endless styling possibilities. 

* preserves moisture and protects cuticle.  This will ensure that your hair remains safe and smooth with shiny curl that will last all day long.  

* Helps seal moisture into your hair and decrease frizz.