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Magic Bun Maker- [variant_title]
Magic Bun Maker- [variant_title]
Magic Bun Maker- Chestnut Brown
Magic Bun Maker- Black
Magic Bun Maker- Dark Brown
Magic Bun Maker- Blonde
Magic Bun Maker- [variant_title]
Magic Bun Maker- [variant_title]

Magic Bun Maker

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The best-selling hair accessory of all time! Simply fold, wrap and snap your way to innovative, fashion-forward styles. This Magic Hair Bun Maker is the perfect solution for just about any hair problem. It keeps your hair neat, sexy and tidy and is PERFECT for dancers and yogis and anyone who loves to get out and about!

PRO TIP!!! Tie your hair in a simple ponytail and give it some slack (so it's not too tight), this lets you control the height of the hair bun.

Just straighten the rods by gently pressing the ends outward and wait till you hear the snap.