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Nosno™ Anti Snoring Device | Anti Snoring Mouthpiece- [variant_title]
Nosno™ Anti Snoring Device | Anti Snoring Mouthpiece- [variant_title]
Nosno™ Anti Snoring Device | Anti Snoring Mouthpiece- [variant_title]
Nosno™ Anti Snoring Device | Anti Snoring Mouthpiece- [variant_title]

Nosno™ Anti Snoring Device | Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

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Stop Snoring with Nosno™

Clinically proven to treat problem snoring and mild to moderate OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). The Nosno™ is effective at keeping the airway open during sleep by positioning the tongue forward.

What Is The Nosno™?

The Nosno™ is a tongue stabilizing device that was developed in New Zealand by Dr. Chris Mikel. Dr. Mikel is a specialist in orthodontic/dental sleep medicine. After recognizing a real need, the Nosno™ was developed over 8 years of clinical research and provides a cost-effective solution that is non-invasive to help people suffering from chronic snoring find relief.
It is a small device that can easily be used both at home as well as on the road, and with its’ comfort inspired design, the Nosno™ doesn’t take long at all to adjust to for most patients.

How it Works

While many snoring treatments can be quite complex, thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Nosno™. While it is a very simple process, the relief that many patients experience is life-changing.

The Nosno™ Device is made from a durable but soft medical silicone. It is designed from the ground up with your comfort in mind and works by utilizing gentle suctioning to brace your tongue forward and away from the back of your throat.

This allows you to make certain that your tongue remains in a forward position and does not cause an airway occlusion or blockage. By preventing an occlusion of your airway, snoring is eliminated or reduced.

Because the Nosno™ is not actually attached to your teeth, it normally does not require professional fitting. However, in order to get started with the Nosno™, you will need to consult with your physician or dentist first so that you can get a prescription for the device. Also, when considering options for therapy to help relieve the symptoms associated with snoring, having follow-up care with your physician or dentist is normally your best option.

By using the Nosno™, you can brace your tongue forward and prevent it from sliding to the back your throat. This prevents your tongue from causing a blockage. This opens your airway and causes air to travel more slowly, reducing vibrations in your throat and helping you to stop snoring and reducing any apneic episodes you may have as a result of your tongue blocking off your airway.

Thankfully, the Nosno™ is much less invasive than many other treatment options available for snoring and can help you to sleep much sounder at night.