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Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer- [variant_title]
Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer- [variant_title]
Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer- [variant_title]
Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer- [variant_title]

Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer

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Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer keeps your winefresh longer than a traditional cork. Our wine saver is made of exclusively ecological and natural materials.Loves to drink wine but don’t want to drink the entire bottle? Not a problem! It will help you to keep your wine fresh up to 2 weeks.It easily extracts the air from the bottle, saving the taste of your favorite wine. Prevents bacteria inserting an oxidation process.



  • Fits all bottle sizes, perfect for sealing wine, champagne, beer bottles.

  • Easy to use, just need to insert the stopper into the bottleneck and pump to remove air.

  • Bottle stoppers are washable and reusable, can be used with or without wine saver pump.

  • Made of high-quality plastic and silicone material, non-toxic, durable and sturdy, eco-friendly and health to use.



  • Insert the Wine Stopper into the bottle.
  • Lift handle up and down to extract air.
  • Click sound indicates the optimum vacuum is reached.
  • Keeps your bottle fresh for days!




  • Material: Plastic and Silicone
  • Length: Approx. 12.5cm / 4.9inch


  • 1set of  Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer x 1, Stopper x 2